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Favorite Destination and Why: I honestly can’t choose one. In the summer, I love the Mediterranean- South of France, Italy, Monaco-for the lifestyle. The 3 p.m. lunches, the endless nights. There’s just something about it.  In winter, I’m all about the Caribbean and Cabo- they’re a sunny escape from the doldrums of winter in New York. Come spring, I love the cities in Europe- they feel like  


Areas of Specialty: Large-scale destination events. A 500 person week-long wedding in Puglia is one example. 

My Travel Style Is: Make myself feel like a local so I get a sense of place. That could be going to local restaurants for lunch or hitting homegrown stores that tourists don’t know of. 

Fun Facts:  

I live in a boca raton Florida and its vacation all year-around. It’s a vacation place for most but home for me. 

I am a huge perfume collector.  Wherever I travel, I take a cologne with me so that I associate that scent with the destination. 

Since I’ve been a kid, I have an affinity for all things vintage, from watches to sports cars. 

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