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Founder's Letter

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I founded The Journey Group in 2000 after a six-month tour of Central America brought my career goals into focus. I knew I had to be a part of this exciting industry. My professional travel story weaves through many countries and states, each place offering experiences that guided the changes and growth my company has gone through over the years.


In 2004, I sold my fledgling company to a magazine publishing house and helped them launch an in-house villa rental company, showcasing a collection of luxury vacation homes in every issue. Two years later, when they sold the publishing house, I was able to repurchase my travel agency. While the business experience I gained during that time was invaluable, I was excited to hold the entrepreneurial reins again.


I started with a marketing focus on the islands of the Caribbean under the name Caribbean Journey. As sales expanded outside the Caribbean, I officially changed the agency's name to The Journey Group in 2011. Caribbean Journey remains a successful marketing arm for us, and I consider the islands my second home.


The addition of over a dozen skilled travel specialists through our host agency platform has helped us reach our goal of offering vacation planning services to any destination in the world.

Our evolution to a boutique host travel company happened quite organically. When I was trying to find my footing as a travel agent 24 years ago, I struggled to find mentorship and ultimately made all of my early business decisions alone. I completed an intensive program at American Express Travel School but failed to connect with the right people to guide me in launching my company. My passion for brand development is second only to my love of travel; it is something I speak about freely in the travel community. Most of the agents on my team were referred by mutual connections who entrusted me to provide the guidance needed to help launch or expand their business successfully.


My goal is to remain a small company, so our advisors will always have the time and dedication needed to address the individual needs of our clients and so I can continue to be available for one-on-one mentoring with our select group of independent agents. 

If you'd like to discuss vacation plans or how to become a travel advisor with The Journey Group, let's connect!

Stay curious and keep exploring. 


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